Where does heat comes from? It's all about the physics.

It starts with the energy content of seosoned wood which is around 8,500 BTU/Lb and the energy release process which is better known as the actual wood combustion. So 10 to 20 Lbs of wood (or 8,500 BTU to 170,000BTU of energy) get lightend up. Wood fiber changes into combustion gases and generates heat and warmth.

One part of the heat, radiant heat, is produced in the combustion chamber of the wood boiler or hydronic heater, and is thus emitted directly from the unit as radiant heat. The combustion gases, which emerge in the combustion chamber and have a temperature of approx. 1600°F, contain the other part of the energy.

By using different heat exchanging devices, the heat is extracted from these energy forms and can thus be used as heat. The smoke gases are fastly cooled down when they pass through the heat exchnager. A soap-stone cladding can be used to store radiant heat and emits a steady radiant heat for hours. Another possibility is to heat even more water by means of a water jacket surrounding the firebox.

To use the knowledge of creating energy by using wood and combining this with all kinds of different types of systems for all individual needs is our discipline. Only a perfectly aligned wood combustion system for a stove or a fireplace can provide the desired wellbeing.

CALUWE, Inc. is known for quality products. All we do is desining and manufacturing combustion chambers with specific desinged heat recovery sytems. This is what makes CALUWE, Inc. unique. This is our Know-How, your satisfaction.