Water Storage or Thermal Storage

What is Thermal Storage? Thermal storage is a system that can store heat energy to be released for use at a later time. In most residential heating applications, specifically relating to solid fuel heating, these systems will consist of large holding tanks filled with water which can be charged and discharged indefinitely. A rechargeable heat battery so to speak.

More heat (BTU's) can be stored in water, per unit of volume, than in any other common substance known to man... even more than steel, sand, concrete, oil, copper, or aluminum. This makes water an ideal substance for storing excess heat from a solid fuel boiler, and for heating your home during the winter months.

We do recommend 10 gallons of water storage per 2600 BTU of heat output to the water (or 50 Liter per 1000 Watt heat output to the water). Most of our decorative indoor wood boilers will perform best with a water storage of 100 to 200 gallons.

Size of expansion tank should be around 10% of the overall water content in the system. Example: if you have around 200 gallons of water in your storage tank and system, your expansion tank should be close to or exceed 20 gallons

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